Cheap Steelers #84 Antonio Brown Black Stitched NFL Limited Rush Jersey

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Antonio Brown have gave a Miami maid his cheap Black Stitched NFL Limited Rush Jersey.

The NFL’s highest paid receiver for a fan, it’s clear that Antonio Brown wants to use some of his good fortunes to make other people’s lives better while making Steeler Nation proud in the process.

In conjunction with the build-up to Super Bowl LI, I was watching some old Steelers DVDs from the 1970s, followed by some YouTube footage from the 1980s, which preceded viewing some more DVDs from the 1990s and 2000s, and I noticed something very telling:

The cheap Steelers jerseys haven’t really changed since Three Rivers Stadium opened in 1970.

This led to me re-watching the awesome highlights of Pittsburgh’s pulsating 31-27 AFC North-clinching victory over the Ravens on Christmas Day at Heinz Field, in-which the Steelers wore their fabulous cheap color rush jerseys that featured gold numbers, black pants and a thick gold trim that ran down each pant-leg.

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If the Steelers adopted that style as their regular home cheap jerseys, who could possibly oppose this?

I mean, let’s face it, the cheap black jerseys with the white numbers and the gold pants, that’s so 1970s. Do we really need a reminder of those times in 2017?

And while we’re on the subject of much-needed change, what’s up with the helmets and only having the logo on one side and not the other? There are times when a particular network displays the helmets of the Steelers and their opponents in-order to promote an upcoming match-up, and said network often displays Pittsburgh’s helmet with the logo side hidden and the blank side featured.

Talk about embarrassing. Talk about rage-inducing.

And while we’re on the subject of logos, what’s up with the hypocycloid logo that has been around forever and ever?

How about the word “Steelers” on both sides of the helmet in slick, sleek, modern script writing?

It would be so fashion, so trendy, so 2018.

Better yet, since it is 2017, and players are more about self-promotion, how about just the word “Steelers” in slick, sleek, modern script writing on the right side of the helmet, and something else, like the players’ names on the left side? Or, even more fantastic still, what about a player’s nickname or what he’s most known for?

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What is star receiver Antonio Brown best known for? The phrase “Business is Boomin,” right? How awesome would it be for AB to sport “Boomin” on the left side of his helmet each and every game? Or what about “Business” on the left side of his helmet and “Boomin” on the right?

Antonio loves his various promotional/tribute cleats, so how much more would he love various promotional/tribute helmets?

Brown has one year remaining on his current contract, and I think working promotional helmet language into his next deal would be a recipe for signing his name in blood to stay in Pittsburgh forever.

And while we’re on the subject of much-needed change, does every professional sports team in Pittsburgh need to have a black and gold color scheme?

Image now: team mascot Steely McBeam decked out in red, white and blue on both sides of a gray helmet. As for the rest, Steely’s red, white and blue profile emblazoned on both sleeves of a blue football jersey with gray trim going around the shoulders, white numbering with red trim on the front and back, along with gray nfl pants with red and blue trim down the sides.

I love this whole uniform already.

The Steelers haven’t won a Super Bowl in a very long time, and some changes—some tweaks—are maybe needed to bring about a seventh Lombardi trophy.

Perhaps more than anything else, new cheap jerseys will be what launches the Steelers into championship success, again.

Giants and Eagles Jerseys on Thursday night

For the final Thursday night game of the 2016 NFL season, the Giants and Eagles have decided to take the color out of the Color Rush game.

Although New York’s game in Philadelphia is officially a part of the Color Rush campaign, if you tune in on Thursday, you’ll probably notice that there won’t be much color involved. The Eagles will be going with an all-black uniform combination, while the Giants will be going with an all-white combo.

Here’s a look at the the all-black look that the Eagles will be rocking at Lincoln Financial Field.
If that combo looks familiar, it’s because the Eagles have worn it several times before.

Philly unveiled their all-black cheap jerseys for the first time back in October 2014 and have worn it four times since, including a game this year against the Vikings that the Eagles won 21-10. Overall, the Eagles are 3-2 when they wear all-black, with two of those wins coming against the Giants.

As for the Giants, they’re treating the game against the Eagles as a combination of Color Rush and “Throwback Thursday.”

For the game, New York will be wearing the all-white combo you see below.

After the cheap jerseys were first unveiled, Bills fans took to Twitter to complain about the fact that the Giants were stealing Buffalo’s cheap jerseys.

However, that’s not the case.

The Giants’ Color Rush cheap jerseys are a throwback to the road jerseys that the team wore from 1980-99.

Here’s a closer look at New York’s Color Rush jersey:



The Giants’ normal white cheap jerseys feature red numbers, red stripes and grey pants. The Color Rush jersey has blue numbers, blue stripes and white pants.

If you look at Eli Manning’s helmet in the photo above, you’ll notice the lowercase “NY” decal, which I’m only pointing out because the Giants won’t be wearing it on Thursday.

In another nod to their 1980-99 cheap jerseys, New York will be putting the “Giants” logo back on their helmet.

Anyway, here’s what the Giants and Eagles’ cheap jerseys look like next to each other.

To see these cheap jerseys in action, you’ll need to tune in to NBC or NFL Network for the Giants-Eagles game on Thursday night (8:25 p.m. ET). You’ll also be able to stream the game on Twitter.

You can check out our preview and prediction for the game by clicking here.

By the way, just because Thursday games are ending this week doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of the Color Rush cheap jerseys this year. We’ll get one more new Color Rush Jersey in 2016 and that will come on Christmas Day when the Steelers go with an all-black look against the Raven

NFL Week 16: What do Color Rush uniforms look like?

The Philadelphia Eagles will be hosting the New York Giants on Thursday Night Football in Week 16. What will their Color Rush uniforms look like?

Week 16 of the 2016 NFL season will feature the last Thursday Night Football game of the year. A pair of NFC East rivals in the New York Giants (10-4) and the Philadelphia Eagles (5-9) will square off on Thursday, Dec. 22 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.

Kickoff will be at 8:25 p.m. ET. NBC, the NFL Network, and Twitter will all carry the game. This NFC East rivalry game will also feature Color Rush with the cheap jerseys. What will the Color Rush uniforms look like this week?

Let’s be honest. This will be one of the worst Color Rush games of 2016. The Eagles are going to be blacked out with their threads. Was going all green a bit too much for the television view in back-to-back weeks or something? Thanks a lot Seattle with your can’t lose your kid at Disneyland’ lime green uniforms.

The Giants are going to look like the Buffalo Bills in their all white cheap nfl jerseys. Does that mean the Giants will play like the Bills? Well, the Denver Broncos looked like the Cleveland Browns this year during their Thursday Night Football game against the San Diego Chargers and ended up playing like the Browns.

In all likelihood, New York will end up winning this game because the Giants have Super Bowl aspirations while the Eagles are only playing for pride. A win by the Giants clinches an NFC playoff berth for New York.

If the viewer isn’t paying attention to the game going on in the background, wouldn’t it be possible to mistake the Color Rush Giants for the Bills in their home wholesale nfl jerseys. The Bills are going to the playoffs? Oh, well. Whatever. Nevermind.